The company Plastiform SAC, began its activities on September 23rd, 1976. It was founded by Don Cayetano Torres Apolinario and Mrs. Sofia Rodriguez Martinez, who promoted the great ethical values that have define our organizational culture. Plastiform SAC, focused its experience as a workshop, quickly becoming in 1981 in a manufacturer of plastic containers such as: jars, pots, lids and plugs. Until the year 2003 the company included a line of Collapsible Tubes to supply the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food market. Surrounded by a group of experienced professionals and state-of-the-art machinery, we continue to advance in the national and international markets.


  1. Respect: We respect each collaborator and client of the company and value their contributions at all times; In the same way, we are respectful of our community and the environment.
  2. Integrity: We are loyal to the norms and laws of our institution and nation, acting transparently and ethically in social and environmental matters.
  3. Trust: We always honor and fulfill our commitments in a transparent manner. Additionally, we transmit security and guarantee in our products thanks to our operational excellence.
  4. Service: We serve our colleagues, clients, suppliers and compatriots with kindness and enthusiasm; exhausting all our resources with much effort.